Day #2026 (Wed., July 22, 2015) – Visiting A Cemetery

2015-07-22 - Clapper Night LightThe photo to the right shows the new “Clapper” night light that Katie got yesterday.

Kasey was supposed to take Katie to Miss Laura’s house this morning but she called in sick so I took Katie. On the drive over Katie made a comment on the cemetery again and asked if we could go visit it one day. She said she wanted to say nice things to the dead people…but not anyone named Eleri.

There was a going away party for our VP at work at a local sports bar. As it was from 3-5pm I went. If it was in the evening it would be hard to justify going there and enjoying myself while my wife was stuck at home with two kids. This didn’t seem to bother another employee though…he has four boys and stayed there til 10:30pm while his wife was home tending to them.