Day #2027 (Thu., July 23, 2015) – Exhausting The Milk Supply

Kasey dropped Katie off at Miss Laura’s house this morning. This was the first morning in a long while in which I did not need to tend to Katie.

2015-07-23 - PlayYardMy wife put up the playyard for little Bobby today (see photo to the left). Soon he will be crawling about and we want to be ready.

When I got home from work this evening I went to bed for a nap. My wife woke me up after an hour or so and said that little Bobby was sleeping and all I needed to do was to put Katie to bed. While I was putting Katie to bed there was a rustling and little Bobby was soon up. He spit up quite a bit so I guess he had a burp that hadn’t dislodged by bedtime. Well, one thing after another, and one change after another, and one feeding after another, and about 90 minutes later I had to wake up my wife as little Bobby has totally exhausted our milk supply.

One little Bobby had gotten a good feed he was in a more playful mood. His eyes would follow me around the room as he wanted to play. He would howl with delight as I made stupid noises. He loves that sort of thing. Such a boy.

My wife is going to a huge consignment sale tomorrow at the NC State Fairgrounds with Genevieve so I will be tending little Bobby. She took the packs of milk for little Bobby out of the freezer…this is the event we have been saving them up for.