Day #2039 (Tue., Aug. 4, 2015) – Letter To Glenwood

Helen came over to play this afternoon as Bradley had a swimming lesson. They played pretty nicely together which gives us some hope if they happen to be in the same class this year.

My wife and I talked a bit about joining the PTA at Katie’s school this evening. Susan told us that they are always looking for help and mentioned that they are always having problems getting people to update and maintain their website.

2015-08-04 - Favorite ToyThe photo to the left shows what appears to be little Bobby’s favorite toy these days. Unlike most toys, he will hold on to it, meaning less wear and tear on the rest of the family in having to retrieve it. There are two small wings on one end of the toy that were dripping wet with his saliva.

We drafted a letter this evening to send to the Glenwood School. Susan suggested we hand deliver it. I also mentioned to my wife that there is a “return receipt” and “registered” mail options.