Day #2040 (Wed., Aug. 5, 2015) – Little Bobby’s Sleep Patterns

In the morning Katie, Kristen and Robin played Monopoly Junior. Robin stayed in the Monopoly box through the whole game (even though his initial intention was to lay down on the board). Katie and Kristen had to make moves for him though…

Katie then took Kristen to the creek for an hour. After a quick snack back home it was time to head out to the Arts Camp.

After the camp Kristen took Katie to Yopop and then to the swim lesson with Miss Barbara. Kristen was very impressed what a great teacher miss Barbara is. Katie is still very uncomfortable when her face is splashed with water, so miss Barbara recommended bringing the goggles. Apparently kids can use them only occasionally. If a kid uses them all the time, he/she might be not able to swim without them!

2015-08-06 - Sleep PatternsWhen I got home from work little Bobby was sleeping on my wife’s lap. She slept a lot today (see the photo to the left).The times in which little Bobby was awake are recorded in yellow.

I made some turkey/mushroom/bean/rice dish for dinner tonight. Katie ate two bowls of it. One thing about swimming class…she sure builds up quite the appetite. Katie then took a bath.

I guess Annabelle, one of the girls in Katie’s Art Camp, was very bossy and selfish today. Katie went and mentioned it to one of the counselors. When we asked her what their reply was Katie said “I don’t remember”… I think there is going to be a smooth transition into the teenage years with replies like that…