Day #2041 (Thu., Aug. 6, 2015) – Printing The Letter

2015-08-07 - BlanketLittle Bobby is really fascinated with the blanket shown in the photo to the left. Not sure why…could it be the pattern? Perhaps it is soft to his touch?

In the morning Katie didn’t want to go anywhere, so she and Kristen just hang out at home. Kristen did an awesome job cleaning and organizing Katie’s toys. We hope that having a clean slate will help Katie pick up after herself. Katie was in no mood of helping though – except when they played the game of ‘cleaning cat’, which Katie always enjoys. You have to give her tasks and she happily completes them. Kristen took Katie to the camp and then picked her up and brought home.

Bobby took very short naps and was a bit fussy. He pooped in the evening – maybe that was the reason of all the fussiness?

I went to the chiroprator this afternoon about my forearm. It was so sore this morning I had a hard time putting my shirt on. She told me that the muscles in my shoulder area have not totally healed so I’ve been compensating with the rest of my arm…hence my forearm. She told me that I was in the early stages of tendinitis and said cold packs would help.

This evening my wife was so tired that she went to bed for a nap. Little Bobby was soon up and I tried to pick him up and feed him but my arm was too weak. When he wiggled I almost dropped him but grabbed on tight…

My wife printed out the letter we will be sending to Glenwood School this evening. We both signed it and I will drop it off at their front desk tomorrow.