Day #2042 (Fri., Aug. 7, 2015) – “Food – Appetite for Art”

I dropped the letter off at Glenwood School this morning. A man met me at the door and told me that he would hand deliver it. I got the impression that she was in the office today and should have it in her hands by now…

Kristen and Katie stayed at home in the morning again today. I guess with all these camps Katie doesn’t have the desire to go out to the library or park or “wherever” as much as she did before. They made animal cages out of dominoes.

2015-08-07 - Elaborate ArtToday both Katie and Bobby were in better mood. At 3:15 my wife and little Bobby left for Katie’s show at the Arts Camp. It was quite an elaborate show today – lots of art to present. The topic of this week was “Food – Appetite for Art”. Katie told me that the topic was “Vegetables”… 🙂 You can see one of the crafts they made in the photo to the left.

This evening my wife was really tired so she went to bed early and left me in charge of little Bobby. It was a challenge with my sore arm and shoulder but I made out fine. He was asleep when my wife went to bed but was up at 8:10pm. I fed with him and played with him and entertained him til he went to bed at 11:10pm. My wife actually slept for 3.5 to 4 hours…the longest nap she has ever had since little Bobby arrived on the scene.