Day #2038 (Mon., Aug. 3, 2015) – Kristen The Babysitter

We have two useless cats. They have a stainless steel water bowl with flowing water and gourmet cat food but do nothing to contribute to the house. Robin was sleeping on my bed a few nights ago and a mouse ran scurrying across the floor. He didn’t even have the frame of mind to open his eyes…

2015-08-03 - Online DrawingMy wife enrolled Katie into an online games portal yesterday. We’re hoping it will help her with her spelling in preparation for school. She did this wonderful coloring of a turtle (see photo to the left). She picked out the colors.

My wife took little Bobby to the doctor this afternoon for more shots.

My wife sent me an email about our new babysitter…Kasey’s friend…who will be tending to Katie this week:

“Kristen is awesome! Apparently her real job is a child therapist (she got her graduate degree from UNC). Her undergrad major was social work and she also had two minors – pre-vet and psychology. She is cutting back on her clients. Apparently she enjoys spending some time with ‘regular’ kids since it’s very emotionally draining to always deal with problems. She’s from Maine and has known Sam since he was 3 and babysat him when he was 7. His dad used to be her vet. The farm where Sam and Kasey lived before (with the pet pig!) apparently belongs to Kristen.”

Kristen took Katie out to her farm where she got a chance to hold a little baby chicken.

My wife thinks she might have broken her toe. She knocked it into the LazyBoy today. It’s blue…but since she can move it I doubt it is broken. She went to bed this evening for a two hour nap and felt much better when she got up.

We got a letter from Glenwood School today outlining the upcoming school year and “first steps”.

Little Bobby seems to be showing more and more interest in the cats. He will sit and stare at them and his eyes will follow them around. Not too long ago he could have cared less.