Day #2074 (Tue., Sept. 8, 2015) – Glenwood Parent/Teacher Night

It was a rough night. Little Bobby was up and down all night. I was up in the middle of the night and heard him crying so I went to get him. My wife was so exhausted she didn’t hear him crying. Maybe the multiple bowls of buckwheat he had last night didn’t agree with him?

On the drive to Glenwood School this morning Katie told me that she had a sad dream last night about Eleri. I guess the teacher was passing out crackers to the students and didn’t have enough for Eleri. Katie said that she felt bad for Eleri and asked me if I should mention this dream to her. I said I wouldn’t. She said she understood…this would just make Eleri sad…

Katie’s Day #182 (Sun, July 4, 2010) 18 lbs 10.0 oz
Bobby’s day #182 (Tue, September 8, 2015) 22 lbs 0.5 oz

2015-09-08 - Katie's NameMy wife and I left both Katie and little Bobby in Izzie’s care this evening and went to a Parents/Teachers night at Glenwood School. Mrs. Randby gave us a lecture on what will be expected of kindergarten students and how we as parents can help them out. We got to see Katie’s name hanging over Mrs. Randby’s classroom (see photo to the left).

Izzy got a new puppy and Katie was very excited about that. I thought she would want to go to Izzy’s house to see it this evening but I guess she forgot by the time we got home.

It looks like little Bobby has a cold. Steven took Gunther home early on Saturday when he started to sniffle. Perhaps little Bobby got this same cold.