Day #2091 (Fri., Sept. 25, 2015) – Pajama Day At Katie’s School

2015-09-25 - DrumRemember Katie’s toy drum (see photo to the left). Well we are recycling some of her old toys and little Bobby likes pounding on this. He’s a boy…so he likes pounding on most things. Lights will come on as he pounds it which is equally fascinating to him.

Katie was “almost” able to count to 50 this morning. She did mess up on going from 39 to 40… For some reason after 39 she started at 30 again… She told me that “1 + 1 equals 2”. I showed her the trick where if you say any number plus one, the answer is the next number. Such as “2 + 1 = 3” or “6 + 1 = 7”. I said she should mention this to my wife this evening as she will be impressed.

Today was “Pajama Day” at Katie’s school. The kids get to wear PJ’s to class. Katie wore her ladybug pajamas. I guess Miss Randby was in pajamas as well. Today is the last day in which kids take a nap. They had a nap for the first month in kindergarten class so that the kids could adjust. Starting on Monday there will be no more naps.

I fed little Bobby a whole jar of prune baby food this evening. We thought this might help him to be more regular but as of this evening no #2…