Day #2099 (Sat., Oct. 3, 2015) – Play Date With Ella

2015-10-03 - Katie's NailsIt is still raining like mad outside. Hurricane Joaquin is making it’s way up the coast so there is no sign of letup soon.

My wife took Katie on a playdate with Ella, her reading buddy, this morning. Ella’s mom is a pediatrician and her dad is in medical residency. The girls got their nails painted (see photo to the left). I guess Katie was afraid of Ella’s dog as it accidentally licked her in the eye. My wife tried to explain to her that this is what dogs do.

When they were ready to come home they had to wait for AAA as the car battery was dead. Luckily we have AAA…

Little Bobby is getting a second tooth now. He has been restless and uncooperative all day…at least he hasn’t gotten to the stage of those “Opera Screams”.