Day #2138 (Wed., Nov. 11, 2015) – Little Bobby & The Strat

Katie stayed home from school today due to a teacher’s work day so I got to sleep in a bit (no need to take her to Glenwood).

Little Bobby is 8 months old today. He weighed in at 25 lbs and 3 oz.

My wife took Batman and Robin to the vet today. They got their shots and physicals. I guess Robin scratched my wife badly as she was holding him when a car went zooming by. Here’s Robin’s exam:

“Robin’s” Physical Exam
General/Attitude: Bright, alert and responsive
Pain Score: 0/4
Body Condition: 4.5/9, weight appears within normal limits
Ears: Canals are clear with no discharge.
Eyes: Eyes are clear, no eyelid changes or masses noted.
GI/Abdomen: No abnormalities noted. The patient is not tense with abdominal palpation. No masses felt.
Heart/Cardiovascular: Heart auscults normally; no murmur or arrhthymia noted. Pulses normal
Respiratory: No fluids, crackles, wheezes ausculted. Trachea palpates normally. No nasal discharge
Lymph Nodes: Peripheral lymph nodes palpate within normal limits
Oral: No abnormalities noted; no evidence of gum disease or tartar. No oral foreign bodies or masses.
Musculoskeletal: No lameness noted. Muscles appear to be in good condition
Mucous membranes: Pink and moist. Capillary refill time is less than 2 seconds
Nervous system: No abnormalities noted; no ataxia or cranial nerve deficits noted
Skin/Haircoat: No abnormalities noted; no evidence of parasite, masses or inflammation
Genitourinary: No abnormalities noted; kidneys and bladder palpate normally. External genitalia appears normal

2015-11-11 - Little Bobby & StratBatman on the other hand has a heart murmur and we have to keep an eye on him…he might need an operation. I can already hear my dad raging… a heart operation for a cat!!!

Arnesa took Katie to the science museum in Durham as she was having a play date with 7 more classmates as there was no school today.

I let little Bobby play with the tremelo on my Strat this evening (see photo to the right). He likes the tension it provides when he tries to yank it. Of course it eventually ended up in his mouth. He gets really excited when he is near a guitar and especially when daddy plays it.