Day #2139 (Thu., Nov. 12, 2015) – Katie’s Writing

On the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie counted to 50 before we got to the end of our road. No problems. We then started to talk about goal setting and how it was good to come up with a challenging goal for each day. I asked her why doesn’t she play with someone she normally doesn’t play with. She came up with the name of Victor but decided against playing with him as he gets together with Herron and Zoey and they do “potty talk”. In the end she decided that she would finish her “Entry Badges”? Something like that. I guess this is a task that they have before they can enter a software program at work? It’s hard to get details out of Katie sometimes…

2015-11-12 - Katie's WritingKatie spends a lot of time writing these days, which is good. You can see her efforts to “sound out” words and write them down in the photo to the left.

I printed out the chords for “Jingle Bell Rock” and played it on guitar for Katie this evening so she could dance. Unfortunately I don’t think the chords were right. People just go to these websites and upload whatever they think is right and you don’t really know how experienced they are. I’m going to search for a better one… My wife asked me to get piano chords/notes this time so that she can play it on our piano.