Day #2140 (Fri., Nov. 13, 2015) – Gator PJ’s

2015-11-13 - Gator PJsOn the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie told me that Helen sits at a table with three boys.

My wife took little Bobby to the electric piano this evening and he was banging on the keys with gusto. It might be because he is very musical or maybe just because he is a boy and likes to bang on things. Time will tell.

My wife showed me the “Gator PJ’s” she bought recently (see photo to the right). They are perfect for Katie as the alligator is the mascot for Katie’s school.

As I was tucking Katie into bed this evening she told me how Ella had a play date and was inviting Helen and not her…something like that. She told me to mention it to my wife when I went out to the living room.

When I opened her bedroom door who should come trotting down the hallway to jump on her bed for a sleep? Robin. Robin really likes Katie. Sometimes when I’m playing a game with her on the floor, say CandyLand, he will come and plot himself down on the middle of the board.