Day #2141 (Sat., Nov. 14, 2015) – The Dog Blog

This morning my wife told me that she can’t stop kissing little Bobby. He’s growing like a weed. He has a long torso and is wearing 18 month old onesies these days.

I drove to Trader Joe’s for supplies this morning. I got some doggie treats as Katie and I will be using them during our “Dog Picture Session” this afternoon.

2015-11-14 - The Dog BlogWhen I got back from Trader Joe’s Katie and I drove over to the nearby dog park (near Katie’s preschool) to take some pictures. It was not as packed as we had hoped…but we did manage to get six dog photos. When we got home I put them up on Katie’s dog blog (see photo to the right).

After taking pictures of dogs I took Katie to YoPop. As it is early in the day she was able to have some chocolate.

It looks like little Bobby has chipped a tooth. With all that grinding of his teeth something had to give. When I first heard it I thought he was munching on tin foil. I’m glad I got a video to showcase the sound he was making…