Day #2142 (Sun., Nov. 15, 2015) – Play Date With Ella

2015-11-15 - Katie's DrawingThis morning Katie greeted me with the drawing to the right. She’s becoming an amazing artist. You can see the cattail that she created towards the left of the photo.

Off to Trader Joe’s for supplies this afternoon. Katie wanted chips from TJs as she saw me finishing off a bag last night when she ran out of her bedroom to see what mommy & daddy are up to (she doesn’t like to go to bed and will find one excuse after another to come and talk to us). We also need organic whole milk so that my wife can make cottage cheese for little Bobby.

I also stopped off at Wal-Greens to pick up some photos that my wife ordered and to get a bristol board. Katie has a school assignment in which she is to put some photos of herself on a bristol board. My wife and Katie will be doing this today.

Katie effectively had two play dates this afternoon. For starters Gabby and Anna came over to play. Then Ella’s family dropped her off afterwards. The girls got into the Trader Joe’s gingerbread turkey display and the poor thing lost all its gumdrops and was practically falling over…