Day #2137 (Tue., Nov. 10, 2015) – Giraffee

2015-11-10 - GiraffieNot sure if I ever shared a picture of “Giraffee” before (see photo to the right). He is basically little Bobby’s “comfort blanket”. He will cuddle with it as he drinks his bottle and falls asleep. There are three of them in case one happens to go missing.

Another rainy day as I dropped Katie off at Glenwood. We had to start to count to 50 three times this morning as she wasn’t concentrating. She would go: 28, 29, 40…

We got Katie’s school photos today courtesy of Glenwood and her backpack. We decided to get only one sheet of them. We can take a photo with our digital camera and then we have many photos.

This evening Katie told me that Ella was the “line leader” at school today. It’s hard to get specific details out of Katie but I guess the line leader traces letters along with the teacher. Katie was a line leader once before.

I gave little Bobby Katie’s yogurt drink bottle to play with. He likes playing with things that are irregular shaped.

My wife and I went over the health, dental and vision benefits this evening. Not sure why they insist on making this whole sign up process so aggravating.

I started playing “Yakety Axe” on the guitar this evening. Maybe if I play the guitar more around the house little Bobby will feel more like picking it up when he gets older.