Day #2175 (Fri., Dec. 18, 2015) – Katie’s Best Dress

Another day working from home. My boss is on vacation til next Wednesday so I don’t even need to get permission anymore. Those pain killers that I got yesterday really seem to do the trick. They are called “diclofenac sodium”. This is the same pain killer that my wife’s mother used to prescribe to her husband when his back was bothering him. Hard to believe that such a tiny pill can provide so much comfort.

2015-12-18 - Katie's Best DressMy wife is not feeling well and I am “the same” so Arnesa took Katie to dance class this afternoon. They were having a recital. Even though Katie was not dancing in it, she enjoys going to these sorts of things. She was hesitant to go as both my wife and I would not be there, but agreed to let Arnesa take her in the end. She wore her little black dress with red stockings and looked beautiful in it (see photo to the left). I guess even the dance instructor commented on how beautiful she looked.

One week from today will be Christmas. We are scrambling about getting last minute Christmas gifts. I told my wife that when we were growing up we could guarantee on at least two gifts. One from Santa and the other from mom & dad.

My wife got a little set of percussion instruments for little Bobby. He loves to bang on things so this will really be up his alley.

Little Bobby is refusing the breast these days. Looks like my wife’s nursing days might be behind her…