Day #2176 (Sat., Dec. 19, 2015) – Lights At Hannah’s Parents House

My leg is still not 100%, although the painkillers make it so I can at least hobble around a bit more. We are low on groceries so my wife took Katie to Trader Joe’s for supplies while I tended to little Bobby. Little Bobby is enjoying being with daddy more and more these days.

2015-12-19 - Hannah's HouseThis afternoon Helen came over to play with Katie. At 5pm we all loaded up in the van and drove over to see the Christmas light display at Hannah’s parent’s house (see photo to the right). Her brother has a Christmas light display set to music every year. I stayed in the van with little Bobby as my knee is not the best. When little Bobby got fussy my wife took him out to see the display as well.

I think Helen enjoyed the display the least as she was the first one back in the van. Katie followed her (we have to teach her to be more independent). I think little Bobby enjoyed it the most as he was beaming with delight. The fresh air and getting outside always seems to make him happy. On the way home little Bobby was tired and cried the whole way. We dropped Helen off at her house on the way.