Day #2177 (Sun., Dec. 20, 2015) – Southern Village Christmas Lights

My wife is starting to come down with a cold/flu so I tried to help out more today. My knee is still not 100%, but with the pain killers (i.e.: diclofenac sodium) I can still hobble about with only minor pain.

2015-12-20 - RingsI was feeding little Bobby this afternoon and showed him how the rings he likes to play (see photo to the right) with will interlock and separate. He was fascinated with the process. He looked me in the eye and started to laugh…kind of like he realizes that it is a magic trick.

Little Bobby has really taken to the “flashing green button” on top of the animal train. He will bang on it whenever it travels near him. There is a yellow button nearby that will make animal sounds but nothing is as tempting as that flashing green light to him.

This evening my wife and I packed up the kids and went to Southern Village to see the Christmas lights. Little Bobby cried all the way there. The guy who usually only does a big Halloween display decided to do a big Christmas display as well. A little bit into our trip Katie wanted to go to the bathroom so we stopped off at Weaver Street Market in the village. Soon after Katie expressed a desire to go home. We thought she would like the trip more than she did. Perhaps little Bobby crying all the way out there dampered her Christmas cheer.