Day #2174 (Thu., Dec. 17, 2015) – Torn Cartilage

2015-12-17 - Little Bobby's ToothbrushThe photo to the left shows the toothbrush that my wife uses on little Bobby’s teeth. It fits over one of her fingers.

Little Bobby was up in the middle of the night and refused to sleep.

Another day working from home.  My wife dropped the monitor off at the bed before she took Katie to Glenwood.  I slept right through everything and my wife woke me up at 9am to take my antibiotic.

I’ve been hobbling around the house and taking ibuprofen for my knee pain when I can stand it no more. This afternoon we decided that we would go ahead and see a specialist. We were thinking we would wait til Monday, but it doesn’t seem to make sense anymore…I’m not getting better.

There is an office down the road that has a “Walk In” service. I joked with the receptionist how ironic it was to have a “Walk In” service for someone who could barely walk. My wife went with me and we got an X-Ray of my knee. It could possibly be a torn cartilage, so we set up an MRI for next Wednesday. It’s going to be a really “fun” Christmas around the house…

After seeing the specialist we went to WalGreens to get the pain killers he prescribed. They didn’t have the prescription ready (surprise, surprise)… As a result we got home late. Arnesa was good enough to take care of the kids but Katie would not listen to her, eat any food, or brush her teeth. We had a long talk with Katie that Arnesa is our representative when we are away. She is to listen to her and do what she says.