Day #2173 (Wed., Dec. 16, 2015) – Wife Has Strep Throat

2015-12-16 - Toothy GrinLittle Bobby is getting quite the “toothy grin” as you can see in the photo to the left.

Another day working from home. My knee doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Not only is it painful and hard to get around, this means that my wife has to take the lion share of caring for the kids. It’s a good thing we have Arnesa to chip in and help us when we need it.

My wife went to see Dr. John this morning. He thinks she might have “strep throat”…we’ll know in a couple of days. It will be real fun around our house with both my wife and I out of commission… (NOTE: My wife never did get a call back…so the assumption is that she didn’t have strep throat).

Little Bobby loves it when put his little “giraffie” blanket on my head. He realizes that it should not be there and will smile and laugh with delight. After doing this I either let him grab it off my head or throw it over his head and face (and equally fun activity as far as he is concerned).

Little Bobby wants daddy’s attention more and more these days.

It’s hard for me to move so we have been playing “Bigger Than A Bread Basket” in the living room these days. It doesn’t seem to matter where we play it…Katie’s just as happy as long as we do.