Day #2225 (Sat., Feb. 6, 2016) – Little Bobby Has Some Banana

2016-02-06 - LicoriceAround 7am this morning Katie was singing and playing in her bedroom. This woke me up so I decided I might as well go get supplies at Trader Joe’s before the crowds arrived. Katie expressed a desire to get the Twizzlers that we had last week at the movies. I managed to get her the Trader Joe’s version… “Australian Red Pieces” (see photo to the left)… She loved them and would go back and forth throughout the day to get another piece.

We have been warning Katie that now that little Bobby is mobile she had better put her toys and things away or he will be into them. This afternoon was a case in point. We told her that she needed to move her puzzle that was on the tv stand but she said that it was sealed and he would never be able to get into it. Well, he got ahold of it and turned it upside down and voila…everything came out. Katie was hurriedly trying to put all the pieces back in place with little Bobby in rapid pursuit of them. Katie got upset that my wife was laughing at her. We had to tell her that it was about the situation, not her. She had better get used to little Bobby getting into things and take precautions…

My wife gave little Bobby some banana this evening. He certainly loved the taste and it kept him occupied enough so that we could get some work done.

Katie did her usual routine of going to bed and then coming out saying she was hungry. This evening my wife told her that she had enough to eat and go back to her room. The plan was to let her think about how she needs to eat before going to bed. My wife went down to her room about 30 minutes later with a banana but Katie was fast asleep. She obviously had enough food…this coming out looking for more is just a game she is playing.