Day #2226 (Sun., Feb. 7, 2016) – Circus At The RBC

2016-02-07 - CircusI took Katie to see the Ringling Brothers Circus at the RBC Center this afternoon (see photo to the right) for Daddy/Daughter Day #38. On the drive over I surprised her with a package of Twizzlers…something that I knew she would love. She asked for a bowl to take with her in case she got car sick, but we had no mishaps.

Unfortunately I parked on the side of the stadium (parking cost $15 incidently) opposite from where our seats were, so I had to go down to the pre-circus show and then up the other side of the stadium to get to them. The knee held out for the most part. I got Katie the cotton candy she so longed for along the way. You had to buy a camel hat with it for $14…quite the markup on the already outrageous cotton candy price of $8.

The main reason I wanted to take Katie was that this was the last time they would be having elephants in their show. In fact, there were not many animals at all. Just elephants, camels, horses, and dogs. What happened to the lion tamer and the monkeys?

Katie was a prefect child, well mannered and a joy to be with. As we were leaving I saw another boy who was already decked out with a funny circus hat and light saber crying and having a fit because daddy would not buy him one more thing. This made me realize even more what a great little girl Katie is.

Super Bowl was on television tonight. I got to watch the first half, but was too tired to see the rest. I did record it, but unfortunately I did not say “keep til deleted” so it went away when the TiVo unit needed more space to record. Oh well, the Carolina Panthers lost to the Denver Broncos. This was little Bobby’s first Super Bowl but he was too busy trying to get out of daddy’s grip and into anything he wasn’t supposed to have.