Day #2227 (Mon., Feb. 8, 2016) – Celebrating Chinese New Year

They are celebrating Chinese New Year at Katie’s school today so she wore a traditional Chinese dress that my wife picked up on Amazon.

Arnesa gave little Bobby a bit of apple today. She had to take the peel off and slice it real thin, but I guess he loved the “crunch” effect.

2016-02-08 - Duplo FarmMy wife got some Duplo farm animals for little Bobby (see photo to the left).

Katie went to ballet class this afternoon after school. She does this every Monday.

As I was tending to little Bobby this evening he expressed a desire to go to the area where Katie’s toys are. I decided that I would let him go but supervise him like a hawk. Low and behold, before too long, he put a little bell into his mouth. I scooped him up and put him back to the carpet area and he was not too pleased about it. The good ole days of Captain Turnip the “stationary” are long gone I’m afraid.

I showed little Bobby where the “pause” button was on the remote control. He got a kick out of pausing and then releasing the shows on the television. Such power in one little black box.

They are having an MDL meeting tomorrow night. I guess they plan to give an update on the status of the website.