Day #2228 (Tue., Feb. 9, 2016) – MDL Meeting Tonight

Katie was eating chocolate in the backseat of the car this morning as I drove her to Glenwood. She had a hard time concentrating on her counting to 100 as a result.

2016-02-09 - Sorting ToyLittle Bobby is into the sorting toy shown to the right these days. Katie never did go for sorting toys much.

Susan picked up my wife at 5:45pm this evening to take her to the MDL meeting. I stayed home and tended to Katie and little Bobby. Arnesa was helping for awhile til I made Katie a quesadilla, but when she left I was “on my own”. In regards to that quesadilla, I put swiss cheese in it and Katie didn’t like it so I made her another one with cheddar. It’s funny…I didn’t like swiss cheese either til I got older…a bit too sour for young pallets I guess.

Katie was out of her room a number of times through out the evening asking if mom had returned. She really missed her. In fact she asked if she could sleep with someone tonight as she gets lonely.

When my wife returned I was playing with little Bobby in the play pen. It’s really interesting how he plays the piano. Rather than just slam on it (which he will do), he often just presses one key and listens to the sound and then presses another. Do we have a young musician in our midst?