Day #2229 (Wed., Feb. 10, 2016) – Two Small Guitars

2016-02-10 - GuitarsKatie was having problems counting to 100 this morning. She went from 89 to 80 until I corrected her. I told her that this was like an “infinite loop” in programming in that she would never get out of counting and just “die”! She drew the analogy about Robin chasing his tail. This was Katie’s first programming lesson.

Little Bobby is more mobile these days so he is getting into everything. You have to watch him like a hawk as all things end up in his mouth…

When I got home from work this evening there was a big package from Amazon on the doorstep. It contained the two child guitars that we ordered on Friday (see photo to the right). They are quite well made actually. The idea is to have one string left-handed and the other string right-handed so that everyone in the family will have one to play. No idea as of yet if little Bobby is left-handed or right-handed. Having said that, I would try to teach him to play the guitar right-handed as this means he will never have to worry about having his own guitar around…he can use someone else’s. I always had to make sure that I took my guitar with me as there are fewer “lefty” guitars around.