Day #2230 (Thu., Feb. 11, 2016) – Human Body Book

On the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie managed to count to 100 before we reached MLK. As a result we got to talk and play games, something that Katie loves. I said let’s play “My Favorite Wildebeast”. We each take turns dressing up a wildebeast and can then vote on which wildebeast we like the best. We then played “My Favorite Chicken” and Katie wanted to play “My Favorite Dog” based on the same theme… I must really be tired to come up with these crazy games…

2016-02-11 - Human Body BookAt lunchtime today I went to Sam’s Club to pick up the anatomy book that I mentioned the other day. It has a body inside it and as you flip the pages a certain segment of the anatomy gets shown (see photo to the left). I was hoping to also pick up some cherries but they were sold out. I did manage to get some strawberries and large grapes which Katie loved.

I went to Trader Joe’s for supplies this evening. We were out of deli meats and other odds and ends. Katie asked me to pick up some salt water taffy as her friend Wyatt really likes it (but she does not).

I gave little Bobby some tiny little pieces of strawberries and grapes this evening. He didn’t take to it as well as I had thought. In fact, he almost choked and spit out a piece of strawberry. He doesn’t really know how to chew at this stage just yet.