Day #2231 (Fri., Feb. 12, 2016) – Seed Starter Garden Kit

On the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie told me how she wished she was a T. Rex as they were the king of all animals. I told her of how even kings have enemies…like how the mighty elm tree was destroyed by “Dutch Elm Disease”. This discussion led further to the point where we made plans to create a “Vet Game” this weekend. Katie remembered the jungle game we created a few weeks ago. Now to think of the objective of the game…

2016-02-12 - Garden KitOn the drive home from work this evening I stopped off at Home Depot. I picked up a little garden starter kit (see photo to the right) with some seeds and plan to give it to my wife and Katie for Valentine’s Day. Katie has been talking about having a garden this year and this seems like a good way to start during these cold winter months.

This evening little Bobby broke the remote. He likes to knaw on the end of it and he managed to push one of the buttons down so far that the light came on and will not go off. No more remote playing for little Bobby.