Day #2232 (Sat., Feb. 13, 2016) – Pushing The Couch Back

2016-02-13 - Broken RemoteThe photo to the right shows the area of the remote that little Bobby knawed on last night.

This morning Katie and I invented a “Vet Game”. It involves a bit of card matching and a bit of Monopoly style money accumulating. There doesn’t seem to be any vet board games out there…maybe we will be able to sell it one day?

Katie mentioned a garden this morning so I decided to give my Valentine’s Day gift a day early (i.e.: The garden kit I bought yesterday). I had to go back to Home Depot as the plastic dome was not in the kit. Other kits did have one so I just exchanged it. My wife and Katie spent the afternoon planting the seeds.

Little Bobby is becoming so mobile these days that my wife pushed the couch back to block off his ability to go down the hallway. I need to put a gate up to block off the other entrance. We are using Katie’s big dollhouse for now.