Day #2224 (Fri., Feb. 5, 2016) – Crawling To Katie’s Bedroom

2016-02-05 - Katie's LetterThe photo to the right shows the letter that Katie wrote to Miss Randby, her kindergarten teacher that will be leaving soon.

When I got home from work my wife told me that little Bobby crawled all the way from the kitchen to Katie’s bedroom. He’s off to the races now and I’m sure we are going to long for the days when he was so stationary. He’s a bit different from Katie in the aspect that he will go for a bit and then look around to see if you are watching. We remember the days when Katie would take off and never look back to see if we were even around.

Katie was running around in her “leopard” dance costume this evening. She is currently attending dance class two times a week these days. On Monday she has ballet and on Friday she has tap.

Two hour free delivery from Amazon Prime is now in the RTP area. Unfortunately we do not have it here in Chapel Hill yet. I found a small 30″ classical guitar with nylon strings on Amazon that would be perfect for small hands. We ordered two of these tonight so that I could string one as a “lefty” for me (or in case one of our kids is left-handed).

My wife gave little Bobby some bread today. He’s loving the new tastes he gets to experience as he moves beyond the baby food stage.