Day #2223 (Thu., Feb. 4, 2016) – Miss Randby’s Last Day

My wife took Katie to school this morning so I got a chance to sleep in. Kasey was putting little Bobby to bed when I left for work.

2016-02-04 - Katie's ClassMy wife organized a little going away party at Miss Randby’s class this afternoon. I could not make it but I guess that there were lots of tears. Miss Randby called the kids “Little Stinkers” and they all laughed. I think she was probably trying to relieve a bit of the tension as her face was red from crying.

I met my wife in the foyer of Glenwood at 3:20pm this afternoon. We met with Miss Randby to go over Katie’s progress. It was in effect Miss Randby’s last meeting… To the right you can see a photo of Katie’s name that is hanging in Miss Randby’s room.

Katie is a bit behind in reading but Miss Randby says that this is nothing to worry about. She made a comment about what a delightful girl Katie was and how she was always so friendly and inclusive of others.

As I was playing with little Bobby this evening I gave him a book. He started to say “Bbbbb” on more than one occasion. I think he was trying to say “book”?