Day #165 (Thu., June 17, 2010) – Little Katie Gives A Soaking

I thought that I would be leaving for work before little Katie got up this morning, but I managed to see her a bit before I left for the day. She has such an adorable smile…

2010-06-17 - Turtle
2010-06-17 - Turtle

My wife said that she gave little Katie a bath today and little Katie soaked her. She’s gradually getting more aware of the world around her.

While my mother-in-law was talking little Katie for a stroll around the lake they saw a turtle. The photo to the left shows the brave little creature.

My wife and I are gradually getting prepared for the day in the not too distant future when little Katie will take her first bites of solid food. My wife’s research says that the “6 month” point is a good time to start…and that is literally just around the corner.

My wife was telling me that little Katie spent a lot of time today playing with her toy piano. At one point little Katie let out a loud scream. My wife thinks that she bit down on the microphone and hurt herself. Bet she won’t do that again.

1) Little Katie vs. the Toy Piano Microphone.