Day #166 (Fri., June 18, 2010) – Instant Buckwheat Baby Cereal

My mother-in-law and I are both up this morning with little Katie. My wife is sleeping in. I’m taking today off from work, so little Katie and I will get to spend more time together.

Little Katie is in the Jumperoo on the patio. My mother-in-law is doing calisthenics and little Katie is screaming with delight. They are developing quite the bond…

2010-06-18 - Instant Buckwheat
2010-06-18 - Instant Buckwheat

I can’t overemphasize how much little Katie loves that little baby doll my mother-in-law gave her. I will have to take a video of it the next time I show it to her…the expression on her face is priceless! You know, I think it might be the fact that it talks. She seems to like anything that talks. Take for example the Winnie the Pooh Sharing Book.

I was playing with little Katie and put my head near her hands so she could pull my hair. I said “you might as well pull it out now…what you don’t pull out now I will lose when you are a teenager”.

We went out to lunch at a Greek Buffet today. Little Katie enjoyed all the various sights and sounds (as usual). She took some remarkably good photos today…I guess that the lighting and her mood were close to ideal.

My wife got a package of instant buckwheat baby cereal in the mail today (see photo to the right) in preparation for when little Katie will eat solid food. She read that it is very nutritious (look out Happy Meal) and all infants about six months of age she has asked said that it is very tasty.

I just made some blueberry scones and we are waiting for them to cool down. My mother-in-law has never had a scone…so we are waiting for her reaction…

1) Little Katie sure loves that talking little baby doll…