Day #167 (Sat., June 19, 2010) – Chinese Buffett

This afternoon we all went to Target to get supplies. We picked up some more #3 diapers and more pacifiers. We had only two pacifiers up til today and if we happened to lose one we had to search all over the house for it. Better to have plenty on hand.

2010-06-19 - New Baby Socks
2010-06-19 - New Baby Socks

Before Target my wife took my mother-in-law to “Kid To Kid”. They picked up more clothes for little Katie and a talking toy parrot. Little Katie seems to like toys that talk, so you can never have enough of those either…

The photo to the left shows a pair of socks that my wife got little Katie. the writing on the bottom of the socks is raised, so little Katie will not slip on the floor when she walks one day…

I managed to back up my new DELL laptop this afternoon. I’m gradually moving over all my files to this new laptop so that my mother-in-law can use my old one.

This evening we all went to a Chinese Buffet for dinner. We don’t plan on going out tomorrow for Father’s Day as the restaurants will be packed…so this will be my Father’s Day meal. My mother-in-law loved it. The wide selection and different tastes really appealed to her. Everyone at the restaurant loved little Katie (naturally). I showed little Katie the gold fish that were swimming around their tank…she was fascinated by them.

1) Little Katie was fascinated with the gold fish at the Chinese restaurant.