Day #2234 (Mon., Feb. 15, 2016) – President’s Day Snow In

Well today really wasn’t a “snow in” per say, but we were all home nonetheless. Ice on the roads this morning meant that school was cancelled for Katie. Little Bobby was coming down with something last night so my wife decided to take a sick day. I did have the day off as a holiday as it is “President’s Day”, but it sure wasn’t how I planned it… I thought I would get my taxes and a lot of other things done, but that was not to be.

2016-02-15 - Baby GateWhen I got up this morning my wife had already had a rough night with little Bobby so she went to bed as soon as he went to bed. Katie and I played a couple of games of the “Vet Game” we created. We then made some clay animals out of the clay that she got for a birthday gift a little over a month ago. Just a note, she has not even opened all her birthday presents yet…she got so many…

This afternoon I put the baby gate up (see photo to the right) so that little Bobby will not be able to crawl down the hallway and get into Katie’s tiny Legos. With my bad knee it was rough going, but it got up nonetheless.

This evening I was watching as little Bobby pulled himself up on the table in front of the couch. My wife was saying that this would be the next thing and he did it right then and there!