Day #2242 (Tue., Feb. 23, 2016) – Jury Duty

Katie was very eager to count to 100 this morning. In fact, she counted to 100 before we left the house. As a result we could spend the whole morning socializing in the car. We talked about dogs. She told me that she is going to see Genevieve tonight to get instructions on how to take care of Ginger when she is in Utah. Katie asked me what my favorite dog was and I told her that when I used to have a beagle. She is so looking forward to having a dog when she gets older.

2016-02-23 - HillsboroughI had to report to the court house in Hillsborough this morning for jury duty. As it turned out I was not selected so I was back to work by 1pm. As I was leaving the courthouse my wife texted me that little Bobby has a 100 degree F temperature.

The photo to the left shows an old lawyer’s house near the Hillsborough court house. The sign on the front says “Norwood Law Office”. It is apparently a typical early 19th century law office.

Little Bobby is not feeling himself this evening. He’s trying to smile but he is clearly worn out by fighting off this cold/virus. He had a number of small naps throughout the day but by this evening we decided to give him some baby tylenol so that he could sleep through the night.