Day #2243 (Wed., Feb. 24, 2016) – Tornado Warnings

Little Bobby is much more like his old self this morning. He still has a bit of a cold, but he is clearly fighting it off and a bit of a smile has come back to his face.

2016-02-24 - Play YardThe photo to the right shows the play yard area that we have set up for little Bobby. It’s a safe area for him, but he spends most of his time roaming around the living room area.

There were tornado warnings this afternoon. My wife stayed home from work to tend to little Bobby’s fever and at one point they huddled in the kitchen downstairs. My wife had to wake little Bobby up from his nap and take him. Katie told me that since I was at work she pretended that Arnesa was me.

Katie told me that she was “line leader” today. It’s hard to get out of her exactly what this is, but I guess you are at the front of the line. I suspect that you lead the other children where the teacher wants you to go.

Little Bobby’s fever is gone. He’s back to his old self roaming about and spending time with his favorite toy…the tv remote.