Day #2244 (Thu., Feb. 25, 2016) – The Exhibitionist

2016-02-25 - Branches On RoadOn the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie wanted to see all the branches that were blown down by the strong winds yesterday. Someone took a lot of the branches and put them on the side of the road, but there were still plenty of other ones to see what havoc a strong wind can cause (see photo to the right).

When I got home from work this evening Katie was dressed up in her princess dress. Just before bed she ended up running around the living room and lifting up her skirt. I’m not sure where all this comes from but I was told that at a certain point in a child’s development they become a bit of an exhibitionist…just for the wow and shock factor.

Little Bobby’s fever has subsided. He’s back to normal now…running about and messing with the television remote control.

We still haven’t found time to read that book on sensitive children that we bought.