Day #2241 (Mon., Feb. 22, 2016) – Little Bobby’s Birthday Present

2016-02-22 - Kitty LoveLittle Bobby is showing more and more interest in the cats as he grows older (see photo to the right). Robin doesn’t seem to mind the attention. Batman, well, that’s another story.

When I was at Trader Joe’s on Saturday I forgot to pick up bananas. My wife gave me a list of additional items to pick up:

Sweet potatoes
White Potatoes
Avocados (Ripe ones)
Black juice
Frozen Mushrooms

While at Trader Joe’s this evening I saw Evelyn’s mom (our neighbor).

This evening little Bobby crawled up to my leg and said “Da Da”.

I am supposed to report to jury duty in Hillsborough tomorrow so I had to call them up this evening. The recorded message just said “show up”. I thought the instructions would be a little bit more specific than that.

Time to think of little Bobby’s birthday present. We’re settling on a Radio Flyer wagon. It has seat belts so that little Bobby will be secure. Katie will be able to get into it as well when she is tired of walking. We’re thinking that it will be great at the zoo when we need some sort of vehicle to get us from the car to the gate.