Day #2282 (Sun., Apr. 3, 2016) – Sucking On Markers

2016-04-03 - GingerThe photo to the left shows the ginger goodies that I got for Arnesa at Trader Joe’s yesterday. She mentioned that one of the only things she wanted was orange juice so I went and got some this morning.

The little remote control car that we got for Bobby is quite the hit. Katie likes it too. This morning we played a game where I put into the dump truck bucket pieces of paper with the names of animals on it. I would then send this to Katie and she would read the word and put the appropriate animal in the bucket and I would drive it back and put it in the zoo. When Katie had enough of this game we made some candles out of the bees wax toy she got for her birthday.

My wife took Katie and Bobby for a walk this afternoon. They met a family on Maple Street that they have not met before. They have a girl who is one year younger than Katie.

I had to fix the locking mechanism on the cabinet under the kitchen sink so that Bobby cannot get into it. He was fascinated with my working on it and started to cry when my wife pulled him out of the way.

Bobby likes to munch on markers. He will take the tops off of them and suck on the felt tip. Luckily they are water-based…but the colored saliva will still run down his lip.

So Bobby learned a new skill this evening…to throw EVERYTHING out of his crib, cry, and get attention when you come in to put the stuff back. My wife is trying to follow this technique: “The best thing you can do in this situation is to quietly and calmly go into your child’s room and without eye contact or conversation, toss that lovey back in the crib and leave the room.”