Day #2300 (Thu., Apr. 21, 2016) – Dinner/Singing At Katie’s School

2016-04-21 - Bunny HatOur morning ritual on the drive to Glenwood these days is to count to a hundred and then do some adding and subtracting. I think the main reason Katie gets her arithmetic wrong is that she doesn’t pay close attention to whether the problem asks for adding or subtracting. When we were done Katie spent the rest of the time singing the Chinese songs she will be singing this evening.

We had a dinner/show at Katie’s school tonight. My wife, Katie and Bobby wore Chinese attire. I wore a red shirt which was the next best thing. Arnesa wanted to hear and see Katie sing so she came along as well. We had dinner in the cafeteria while Arnesa stayed outside with Bobby (she could not handle the smell as she is pregnant). Katie sat next to her classmate Murren and had the dumplings (which she barely touched). For the show part we all assembled into the gym where the kindergarten kids sang a few songs in Chinese with bunny hats on (which they colored). You can see the bunny hat in the picture to the left.