Day #2299 (Wed., Apr. 20, 2016) – Bobby Spits Out Cheese

2016-04-20 - Sleep TimeBobby had a sleep on the floor yesterday (see photo to the left).

This morning Katie took great delight on telling me the story of the copperhead in the driveway. Apparently it was gone and a mouse was in its place. She thinks that either Batman or Robin ate the snake and dropped the mouse off at the same location. I asked her if she thought one of the cats dressed up like a magician and took there magic wand over to the snake and changed it into a mouse. She said “Oh daddy, you know that’s not possible”.

Katie was all excited about seeing the chickens at school today. I guess that they have some eggs under an incubator due at some point. I was to later find out that they will hatch in about eight days…so a bit more of a wait for Katie.

I’m having a much harder time feeding Bobby these days. I think he views daddy as “Play Time” and is not interested in food or anything like that to distract him. I did give him a slice of cheese this evening but he spit it out.

With Kasey gone we are looking for another nanny. My wife found this girl: Meet Johnsie – Hi! I am an outgoing and friendly sitter with a lot of experience with children. I’m really energetic and always have an idea for something fun to do. Other than normal babysitting jobs, I have worked in my church’s nursery for two years with children ranging in ages from 6 months to 4 years old. I have also taught Vacation Bible School classes for kids in elementary and middle school. The past four summers, I’ve worked as a lifeguard, so I am also certified with the Red Cross and have experience teaching swimming lessons as well.