Day #2301 (Fri., Apr. 22, 2016) – Passing The Kindergarten Test

My wife told me that Katie had a test today and she passed. This means that she will be able to go into first grade next year. According to Katie her classmate Herron, the boy who gives her Shopkins, did not pass and will not be able to go into first grade. We’re not sure about this… We think it is more a case of if the student has not done well they will go to summer school and still get a chance to go into first grade. Time will tell. At any rate, we are so pleased that Katie has made such progress.

2016-04-22 - StickerKatie has a little sticker with writing on her bedroom door. I asked my wife what it was. Apparently she put it there when UNC lost the AICC basketball game. You can see it in the photo to the left.

Bobby is, well, Bobby. Happy as a clam and scurrying about exploring the world. This evening I was playing with him and as he tried to crawl off I would pull his legs out from under him. He was laugh as he was putting in all this effort and getting nowhere. Then I would let him go and walk behind him with a “I’m gonna get you”. He would cackle with delight as he tried to crawl away.