Day #2302 (Sat., Apr. 23, 2016) – Johnsie Pays A Visit

When I got up this morning my wife wanted to go to bed for a nap as Bobby was up early. She put Bobby to bed and Katie and I had breakfast and played a game of “Rat Race”. I told Katie that if she ate some bacon and eggs I would give her a special treat. I didn’t tell her specifically what this treat was, but when she finished I gave her a bowl of cotton candy. Katie is learning a lot from the Rat Race game. My goal is that she will become more aware of finances and how to grow a passive income. If she does this she will be able to retire early and do whatever she wants with the rest of her life.

2016-04-23 - Broken Toy KitchenThe photo to the left shows the little toy kitchen and the plastic washing machine cover that Bobby loves to pull open and shut. Well, it got pulled open and shut one too many times…

When my wife woke up I went to Whole Foods to get some goat’s milk. I also picked up some yogurt for Katie and some apples for my wife.

Johnsie came to see us this afternoon. She is going to be our new nanny to cover Arnesa when she is back in Bosnia. Johnsie is in UNC and studying history. She wants to be a high school history teacher when she graduates. She used to be a swimming coach so she will be a great asset to teach Katie how to swim.

I had a nap later this afternoon. My wife told me that when she tried to put Katie to bed Bobby was wandering around her room pulling all the electrical cords out of the outlets.