Day #2303 (Sun., Apr. 24, 2016) – Ally Pays A Visit

I went to Trader Joe’s this morning as we were really low on supplies. My wife wrote up a long list of what we needed but I misplaced it somewhere. I think it might have fallen out of my pants when I was at the gym.

Wyatt was at our house when I got back from Trader Joe’s so I had to take him home. I gave him and Katie some Twizzlers and stickers from Trader Joe’s before I did. They got a great kick out of my asking Wyatt if he lived on “Buzzard Hollow Lane”…

We had another visit from a potential nanny, Ally, this afternoon. She is studying biology and psychology part time at UNC. She volunteers and is interested in mental health issues. We hired Johnsie to replace Arnesa when she is away this summer but could use her to pick up Katie from time to time.

Helen came over to play with Katie this afternoon. My wife tried to have a nap but that is impossible with these two horses running up and down the hallway.

2016-04-24 - Popsicle DesignMy wife took over playing the game of Rat Race when I went to bed for a nap. This is the first time she played it and marveled how good it was for Katie to learn to count and finances as well. I agree…

This evening I made a little figure out of popsicle sticks (see photo to the left) like I used to when I was a kid. I thought Bobby might find it fascinating but he was more interested in knawing on the wood.