Day #2304 (Mon., Apr. 25, 2016) – Katie’s Fractured Toe

I took Bobby into the front seat of the car this morning while I was waiting to drive Katie to school. He was fascinated with all the levers and gears and buttons. On the way to Glenwood Katie and I had a chat about others calling us names. I guess Christopher and Helen call her “Slow Poke” because she is slower at writing out her Chinese characters. I told her that this means she is more careful and this will go a long way when she gets older…especially when she comes to doing math and needs to double and triple check her answers before passing in her exam paper.

2016-04-25 - Katie's ToeKatie told me that she switched home rooms 1/2 way through the year. Her home room is now the English class and she switches to Chinese class in the afternoon. I guess they have some eggs in the English class that everyone is waiting to hatch…should be sometime this week.

Katie was unable to participate in recess today as her toe hurt. My wife took her to Triangle Orthopedics and as it turns out she has a fracture (see photo to the left). She stubbed her toe on her desk last night. They wrapped it up in a bandage and sent her home. She will need to refrain from running and dance for about a month while it heals.

Arnesa said that Bobby stood up and did one small step forward today before he fell. Little by little he is getting there…