Day #2305 (Tue., Apr. 26, 2016) – Playing Jacks

I drove Katie to Glenwood this morning. She is a bit upset that she will not be able to run around during recess or participate in gym class because of her toe.

2016-04-26 - ShoeKatie got her new orthopedic shoe in the mail today (see photo to the right). Triangle Orthopedics had one for sale but it was way cheaper to get it on Amazon. It will ensure that Katie’s toe is protected and yet she will be more comfortable walking about that with a regular shoe or sneaker.

I picked up Katie at her school at 2:30pm today and drove her home where Arnesa was taking care of Bobby. I then drove back to work. Katie told me that at PE class today they gave her a couple of games to play as she could not run around. One of the games was a game of jacks and the other was a game of stackable cups.

As I was getting a glass of ice water from the fridge this evening an ice cube fell onto the floor. Bobby started to play with it. I don’t think he knew what to make of this cold thing that gradually disappears and leaves water behind.