Day #2307 (Thu., Apr. 28, 2016) – Bobby’s Pre-Bed Antics

2016-04-28 - The TentWhen I got home this evening the little tent structure was in the middle of the living room (see photo to the left). We saw Bobby crawl out of one of the tunnels so he is getting the hang of it.

Bobby managed to overturn one of Katie’s juice packs on the rug this evening. He took great delight in shaking it up and down til it was empty. It’s so different having a boy than a girl.

It’s kind of funny to see Bobby’s antics before he goes to bed. Take tonight for example. He didn’t have a nap and was really tired when I got home from work. I tried to feed him while my wife put Katie to bed but he doesn’t really eat from daddy…daddy is more for entertainment. At any rate, he wouldn’t go to bed when my wife tried to put him so she brought him back and started to feed him. Even after all this food, and his head dropping to the little giraffe blankets he goes to bed with, he tried to crawl away when my wife approached him. The look in his eyes is “I had better try to get away from the Sleep Monster as I know where I’m going to end up if I don’t”. Sometimes he will even bite people if he doesn’t get his way. In the end, he did manage to wave good-bye to daddy as he put up a fuss as he was being taken to the bedroom. He was out in a few minutes.