Day #2338 (Sun., May 29, 2016) – Securing Table Pads

Bobby found a new toy…Katie the pushcart. She would get down on all fours and pretend to be an animal and he would push her around the house. He howled with delight.

2016-05-29 - Securing PaddingKatie helped mommy make spaghetti this afternoon. It’s raining today so we decided that we would go get supplies tomorrow.

Bobby has been taking the little rubber pad that we put on the Lego table in case he happens to fall. This evening I took out the electric drill and screwed it into place (see photo to the left). Bobby was fascinated with the whole process. I think we will be building things together when he gets older.

Genevieve stopped by this evening. Katie came out of her room stating that our loud talking was why she could not get to sleep. We all got a chuckle out of that.

Bobby was playing a bit with Genevieve this evening. He would pretend to come to her and when she held out her arms to get him he would shake his head and back away.