Day #2340 (Tue., May 31, 2016) – Johnsie’s First & Last Day

I stayed home from work today as this is Johnsie’s first day (and we were to find out her last day) as our nanny. My wife had to go to work and we wanted to make sure someone was at home in case Bobby didn’t take to her. He got along with her just fine.

2016-05-31 - SignI managed to get SimpliSafe set up today. I also started to paint the sign that we will put over the mailbox (see photo to the left). I also got to help out Johnsie a bit as well.

This evening my wife got a phone call from Johnsie. She will not be continuing as our nanny. Apparently she found it harder than she thought. I’m not really sure what she found difficult. She sat on the couch and read a book while Bobby was sleeping for 3 hours and I was there to assist her when she needed help. Oh well, I suppose it’s better to know these things sooner rather than later.

Today was track and field day at Katie’s school. In the evening they had some sort of a fair at the school as well. My wife took Katie while I tended to Bobby. I guess Katie spent most of the time in the bouncy house.